Glade® Paint Additive

what is glade® paint additive?

Glade® Paint Additive is not a scented paint – it is an air freshener that uses paint as a carrier! When a 1 oz. package of Glade® Paint Additive is added to a gallon of paint, the result is a long-lasting air freshener that helps freshen rooms and combat odors for several months!

why should i use glade® paint additive?

Glade® Paint Additive was developed to provide a pleasant, long lasting fragrance and to help neutralize odors, including the natural odor of paint. It can be used to combat pet odors, smoke odors or just to refresh a room.

where would i use glade® paint additive?

Glade® Paint Additive is ideal for almost any room: basements, garages, kitchens, sunrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, breakfast rooms, dining rooms, foyers, bedrooms, closets, pool houses, bonus rooms, hallways, laundry rooms, mud rooms, etc. It is also great for rental properties, hotels, motels, apartments, public restrooms, locker rooms, the practical applications are unlimited!

what fragrances are available?

Currently there are seven of your favorite Glade© fragrances available: Tropical Mist™, Clean Linen™, French Vanilla, Crisp Waters™, Apple Cinnamon, Cashmere Woods™, Lavender & Vanilla.

how long will the fragrance last?

Under optimum conditions Glade® Paint Additive produces a pleasant fragrance and helps combat odors for up to 6-12 months in smaller areas and 4-6 months in larger areas. For best results, we recommend using two (2) coats with the paint additive in both the primer coat and topcoat when painting.

how strong is the fragrance level?

The ratio recommendation of mixing one ounce package per one gallon of paint produces a subtle, pleasant fragrance. Be aware, in the wet paint the fragrance level will be stronger than it will be once the paint has dried. Glade® Paint Additive was not designed to produce an overwhelming aroma, however we understand that desired fragrance levels vary from consumer to consumer and if a stronger fragrance level is desired, an additional pouch can be added to the gallon of paint. You control the fragrance level!

will glade® paint additive affect the color of my paint?

Independent laboratory tests have shown our patented product should not affect the color, quality or application of latex paints.

what type of paints can I use with glade® paint additive?

Glade® Paint Additive is formulated for use in Latex or Latex Enamel paints.

should i use glade® paint additive in my primer coat?

Yes, for best results we recommend adding it to every coat of paint you apply.

can i use glade® paint additive on my ceiling and trim paints?

Yes, it can be used on any surface you choose to paint on, not just walls.

can you use mildewcide with glade® paint additive treated paint?

Yes, Mildewcides should not negatively affect the performance of the Glade® Paint Additive.

if i don’t like the choice of fragrance after I paint, can I paint over the fragrance with another fragrance?

Simply painting over the treated area with unscented paint will lessen the fragrance. However, for best results we recommend a primer/sealer coat be applied over the previously treated area before applying the new coat.

who handles the claims/warranty issues once the glade® paint additive has been added to the paint?

Scentco, LLC. You may contact Scentco directly by email at or call toll free at 877-723-6826.

Glade® Filter Spray

what is glade® filter spray

Glade® Filter Spray is a quick, easy and economical way to freshen your entire home! This patented poly-spray applies directly to your pleated, fiberglass or vent filter and does not require special pads or other substrates to be attached. Glade® Filter Spray is truly a complete whole home fragrance system!

why should i use glade® filter spray?

Glade® Filter Spray was developed to conveniently provide a pleasant fragrance for days, and will help to combat pet odors, smoke odors, food odors, and many other household odors or just to freshen your entire home. It is great for occasions like: having friends over for dinner; the holidays; selling a home; or any occasion where you want your home to smell nice.

how long will glade® filter spray last?

After the initial application, Glade® Filter Spray will provide a pleasant fragrance for several days (2-3 days on average depending on the size of the home, how often the air runs and how much is applied). As the fragrance level diminishes, simply refresh by adding more fragrance as often as desired. Depending on individual usage, one bottle of Glade® Filter Spray last should treat your filter 6 – 8 times.

how does glade® filter spray work?

Simply spray Glade® Filter Spray on your disposable filter – turn on the air or heat, and enjoy a pleasant fragrance throughout your home! Utilizing a patented time-release technology, each application of Glade® Filter Spray provides you with several days of fragrance and can easily be refreshed by adding more fragrance as often as desired.

can i use glade® filter spray in the summer (a/c) and winter (heat)

Yes, Glade® Filter Spray provides a year-round fragrance solution.

how much glade® filter spray should i apply to my filter?

The convenient spray bottle will treat your disposable filter up to 8 times, depending on the size of your home. However, the beauty of this product is that YOU control the fragrance level! More sprays can be applied to increase the fragrance level – less for a milder level.

can i use glade® filter spray on any filter?

Glade® Filter Spray can be used on any disposable air filter – pleated, fiberglass or vent.

what fragrances are available in glade® filter spray?

Glade® Filter Spray is currently available in 5 popular fragrances: Clean Linen™, Cashmere Woods™, Hawaiian Breeze™, Apple Cinnamon, and Lavender & Vanilla.

if i want to freshen just one room, can i use glade® filter spray on an individual vent register filter?

Yes – Glade® Filter Spray works extremely well on register or room-specific filters, allowing you to fragrance individual rooms with the scent of your choice.

how is glade® filter spray different from other scented filter products?

Uniquely different from scented pads for filters, Glade® Filter Spray sprays on and adheres to the fibers of the filter, releasing fragrance over several days. Glade® Filter Spray is quick and easy to use without the mess of handling a scented pad or substrate that has to be attached to your filter. Glade® Filter Spray should not impede air flow and does not require punching a hole through your filter. Bottom line, it is a quicker, easier way to deliver a wonderful fragrance to your whole home.

should i spray glade® filter spray on the front or back of the filter?

Unlike scented pads or other substrates that recommend attachment to the front side of the filter (the side where dust accumulates), Glade® Filter Spray can be applied to either side of the filter.

is glade® filter spray an aerosol?

No, Glade® Filter Spray is a latex polymer-based pump spray that allows the fragrance particles to adhere to the filter fibers and release over time. Normal aerosol sprays will only last a few minutes when sprayed. Glade® Filter Spray can last several days.

how often should i change my air filter when using glade® filter spray?

We suggest that you follow the filter manufacture’s recommendations on changing your air filter – typically every 30 to 60 days is common. However due to accumulation of dust particles varying from home to home, we recommend checking your filter often. Glade® Filter Spray is a great reminder!