welcome to scentco

We always remember our success comes
as a team. With ‘Gazelle Intensity’ and the utmost
integrity we will pursue sales relentlessly, creating
opportunities where there are none.

Scentco, LLC was founded August 2001. Scentco develops, markets and distributes innovative products for today’s consumers. Scentco, LLC offices and distribution center are located in the Plantation Oak Industrial Park in Historic Thomasville, GA, proudly serving the U.S. and International Markets.

We refuse to become complacent,
ever challenging the obvious.

We are determined to be the very best at what we do. Our people truly enjoy the challenge of serving our customers and exceeding their customer’s expectations. It has been said “There is no end to what you may accomplish, if you don’t care who gets the credit”. At Scentco, we know the credit for our success goes entirely to you – our valued customer. And, we will never forget it!


j.f. knapp, iii


larry dickens



julie joiner

Office Administrator