Filter Breeze™

Filter Breeze™ utilizes patented time release technology to efficiently and effectively freshen your entire home for days. Our long lasting formula applies directly to your filter. No holes to punch, no mess! Filter Breeze™ quickly adheres to the filter fibers and can be used with any disposable air filter. Simply spray on filter, turn on air or heat and enjoy! Just a few sprays of Filter Breeze™ circulates fragrance throughout the entire home for several days and each bottle treats your filter numerous times. For an economical, quick and easy method to fragrance your entire home, use Filter Breeze™!

Filter Breeze™ can be applied to either side of filter. YOU control the fragrance level, by the number of sprays applied. Filter Breeze™ is great for any occasion, keep several fragrances on hand. Filter Breeze™ is also great to use with trash cans, vacuum bags and diaper pails.



Filter Breeze™ is available at Menards!

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